The Nude

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The Nude

An experimental and cinematic meditation on the making of art and it's inherent emotional demands.  Conceived as a narrative fiction film using documentary techniques The Nude is anchored by a vivid and authentic performance by Natalia Carbullido, an experienced figure art model. Within it's lyrical framework the film argues for the unique expressive art practiced by those who's job it is to offer their own bodies laid bare in the service of Art. Like a dancer, Natalia expresses total control over her body. Aware of every muscle and it's function she uses her training in Aikido and her keen eye for classical form to guide her movements, movements that echo the long history of artists collaborating with models to express the mysteries of the human form.

Produced on a micro-budget over eight days, and captured with the AJA Video Cion 4K camera, The Nude is a film that embraces cinematic form as a means of conveying the intimacy and loneliness that comes with making art. Unapologetically devoid of genre affectations or polemics, the film offers a distinct and beautiful communion between the figure and the camera.

Test trailer ( with temp sound track) for "The Nude". Produced by Alvin Case and Natalia Carbullido. Directed by Alvin Case. Based on an essay written by Natalia Carbullido. Captured with AJA Video Systems Icon 4K production camera.

Between takes Natalia Carbullido discusses process with crew and director.

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Details: 65 min/USA/Color/Sound/2018

Lead Cast: Natalia Carbullido 

Production: Stewart Clements / David Marks/ Joanna Gomez/ Janine Fonte /Ryogi Uyehara

Music: Alpha Lyra

Camera: AJA Cion 4K Cinema + iPhone 6s

Lenses: Vintage Nikon + iPhone 6s optics