The Nude

70min / Color/ Sound /2017 USA

with Natalia Carbullido

written & produced by Alvin Case & Natalia Carbullido

A cinematic hybrid film, fusing a fiction shell over a documentary heart. A poetic meditation on the making of art and the art of performance, The Nude centers on a brief glimpse inside the private life of a professional figure art model as she accepts a job to finally allow herself to be photographed. Working with a photographer was something she had sworn she'd never do.  But as she contemplates how much further she can push her body, she knows she'll have to cross over to photography eventually.

Featuring a vivid and authentic performance by Natalia Carbullido, the story is based on her own experiences and her unique and seasoned perspective as a professional figure art model.  

The film centers on expressions of power in the female form and the model's gaze back to the artist.  This is not film about a model in repose. Natalia expresses total control over her body. Much like a dancer she uses her training in Aikido and her keen eye for classical form to guide her movements.  

Produced under very tight budget and time constraints, The Nude is a film that embraces cinematic form as a means of conveying the intimacy and loneliness that comes with making art.



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Cast: Natalia Carbullido 

Production: Stewart Clements / David Marks/ Joanna Gomez/ Janine Fonte /Ryogi Uyehara

Music: Claudia Carty

Camera-AJA Cion 4K Cinema