The Nocturne

( in development ) DCI 4K Color Stereo Sound USA

with Arielle Winchester

produced by Alvin Case 

Arielle Vampire 2.jpg

Unpublished SciFi short+uniquely suited actress=

an experiment in 'Velvet Noir'

Taking advantage of the AJA Cion 4K Cinema Camera's limited dynamic range to shape the staging with light. A story based on an unpublished science fiction short story by Juan Pablo Mena, The Nocturne tells the tale of a young genetically engineered woman who is struggling with a growing appetite for murder. Part of a long abandoned project to colonize distant worlds, she and others like her are predisposed to be awake for daylight or nights depending on their originally intended design. As a 'Nocturne' the character can only guess what her original task would have been in space, but her growing psychosis give her a clue.