The Nocturne

The Nocturne

( in development ) DCI 4K Color Stereo Sound USA

with Arielle Winchester

produced by Alvin Case 

Arielle Vampire 2.jpg

An experiment in 'Velvet Noir'

Taking advantage of the AJA Cion 4K Cinema Camera's limited dynamic range to shape the staging with light. A story based on an unpublished science fiction short story by Juan Pablo Mena, The Nocturne tells the tale of a young genetically engineered woman who is struggling with a growing appetite for murder. Part of a long abandoned project to colonize distant worlds, she and others like her are predisposed to be awake for daylight or nights depending on their originally intended design. As a 'Nocturne' the character can only guess what her original task would have been in space, but her growing psychosis give her a clue.