Nicolas Roeg: Cinema Master


I think we could have used a bit more of Roeg’s imagination these days, especially within streaming television programs. It would have been a treat to have his image-centric time bending cinematic architecture spice things up. No doubt he would have not accepted the ‘grey-flat-field’ aesthetic that dominates, especially on Netflix. Don’t Look Now was my introduction to Roeg the director, though I had seen his work before, I just didn’t know it. As deeply engaging and unforgettable as that film is, it is not something I can watch regularly. It is the scariest movie I’ve ever experienced.

Walkabout came next, and continues to be a touchstone for me. Not least because of Edward Bond’s perfect screenplay that works out to a less than 20 pages, or somewhere near that brevity. Bad Timing is a favorite. There are still a few to see, though I think while adding Performance to the mix, you can’t go wrong screening the previous titles at home over a weekend.