EM4 | Berliner Studios für elektroakustische Musik: Tod Dockstader


Despite his ground-breaking audio tape compositions from the early 1960s, including Quartermass and Water Music, Tod Dockstader (1932–2015) is a lesser-known protagonist of acousmatic music. Apart from smaller studies, in the late 1990s he took up other digital compositions, some of which were only discovered and released after his death. In this concert, the Electronic Music Studio at Technische Universität Berlin provides an overview of his extraordinary work and his creative periods.

Wednesday, 9 Jan

8 pm



Sound direction: Henrik von Coler, Jonas Margraf, Paul Schuladen

€ 8/6


Tel.: (030) 200 57-1000
E-Mail: ticket@adk.de

Nicolas Roeg: Cinema Master


I think we could have used a bit more of Roeg’s imagination these days, especially within streaming television programs. It would have been a treat to have his image-centric time bending cinematic architecture spice things up. No doubt he would have not accepted the ‘grey-flat-field’ aesthetic that dominates, especially on Netflix. Don’t Look Now was my introduction to Roeg the director, though I had seen his work before, I just didn’t know it. As deeply engaging and unforgettable as that film is, it is not something I can watch regularly. It is the scariest movie I’ve ever experienced.

Walkabout came next, and continues to be a touchstone for me. Not least because of Edward Bond’s perfect screenplay that works out to a less than 20 pages, or somewhere near that brevity. Bad Timing is a favorite. There are still a few to see, though I think while adding Performance to the mix, you can’t go wrong screening the previous titles at home over a weekend.