In The Moon's Shadow





screenplay by Edward Case


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On August 21, 2017 a Total Solar Eclipse will cross the length of the United States from the Oregon coast to North Carolina. This will be the first full eclipse of its kind in almost a century. This year's eclipse will be expected to be the most photographed and recorded in history. We decided to take advantage of this once in a lifetime event and build a narrative feature length film around it. 

The story is about two sisters coming together after a long period of not speaking to one another.  A road trip to the Sand Hills of Nebraska to watch the eclipse becomes the focal point of their journey toward reconciliation.


Production Team

How to participate

In The Moon's Shadow is an independent film seeking private funding for its production.  Initiated by theatrical and motion picture professionals passionate about creating new stories and exploring innovative ways to bring them to the screen. With the wealth of content being produced for television fewer resources are available for productions focused on bringing unique stories to life as stand alone films.   This film's production team is actively in the process of securing funding through private investors, crowdfunding, and other resources. 

There are two ways to participate: 


To simplify things we've set up a direct crowdfunding page. This helps minimize transaction fees to better assure donations have their maximum effect in helping us make this film. It also provides a more private level of participation and better control over your contact details. 


Direct investment in the production is something we are considering. Inquiries may be directed to  Please include "Moon Shadow" in the subject line.

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