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Shot entirely with the director's personal iPhone 4 over several weekends in the fall of 2010 Montauk was imagined as a long form 2 hr plus exploration of science fiction themes and Kenneth Anger color with a nominal plot running in-between. When the dialogue track recorded to MiniDisc proved unusable, The UK music artist, writer, and free form analog DJ Nick Edwards was contacted to collaborate on a soundtrack to salvage the film. Edwards' music proves to be a key element in the finished film and it is difficult to image the picture having had any dialogue at all. 




Details 20min/SHD iPhone 4/Color/Sound/ 2010-2013

featuring Gordon C. Ramsey

produced by Alvin Case / music by Nick Edwards

shot on location at Montauk, Long Island, New York in 2010

Official Selection 2013 Festival de Cine Unusual de Buenos Aires