Game For Motel Room 

Based on a Fritz Leiber Jr. science-fiction short story, Game For Motel Room centers on an itinerant man brought in for an unspecified job, which leads to a night on the town with a very odd and beautifully strange woman.

Details: 80min/Color/Sound/2017

featuring Pierre Perrier and Lucy Owen

Produced by Glen Macura & Alvin Case / screenplay adaptation by Edward Case / Edited by Jenn Druchniak

Production Design: David Marks / Assistant DOP: Janine Fonte / Sound: Djim Reynolds /Art Direction: Nora Manley, Jennifer Watkins

Captured in 4K UHD with Black Magic Design URSA Cinema Camera. A few scenes were captured with the unfortunately now defunct Digital Bolex D16M. 


Currently in post-production