Arielle Vampire 2.jpg

Shot guerrilla -style over four days at Berlinale 2014 with a tiny Nikon Coolpix pocket camera, set to video black and white capture, and a trusty iPhone 4.  Suzana had been terrified of flying since she last flew over the Atlantic as a teenager. A few stiff drinks and forearm grabs put her over. Between scheduled meetings and viewings at EFM and Berlinale, we walked around and imagined scenarios for various imaginary films. 

The pocket film camera is the revolutionary device of Cinema's second century. Seen as a natural progression of personal movie making by both Andrei Tarkovsky and Alexandre Astruc, the pocket camera is the equal to the writer's pencil and the artist's sketchbook.

We worked from the idea of a story about a young woman from the USA, who is sent to Berlin by her mother, a retired dancer from the former Yugoslavia,  to meet her biological father, a former high ranking official in what was once the DDR. Her interest in this historical meeting leans clearly toward indifference.

The haunting soundtrack heard through the film is by Damien Taylor of Flash Hits!. 

Details 10min/Color/B&W/Sound/2015

featuring Suzana Mihajlica

Official Selection 2015 Art City Cambridge Film Festival